Evangelism and Discipleship – that’s it.

It’s not rocket science. Pastors can feel under pressure to produce some amazing strategic plan for their church. ‘This where we are going to be in 5 years!’ Many don’t make the long haul because they realise they can no longer pull rabbits out of hats and make their church better than the one round the corner, they fail the expectations of many, being a Messiah is impossible.

Yet these next 2 verses of Paul are a reminder of what every church should simply focus on.

I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish. That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you who are in Rome. (Romans 1 v 14-15)

The culture of the Roman Empire had its origins in Greece. It is reasonable to think that Paul is referring to the educated and cultured people of Rome, ‘the Greeks’ and those not so, they being the ‘non-Greeks’. Without doubt he is referring to being bound to the gospel. He is obligated to preach the gospel to all Gentiles no matter who they are. He is also longing to preach the gospel to the people he is writing to who are Christians already.

So here it is. Not everyone is called to be a Pastor of a church. Not everyone is called to be a full-time Evangelist and Church Planter travelling the world as an Apostle. But all of us are called to the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ.

Here is the big strategy for every church. I think more Pastors would stay in their positions if their focus was simply this. I also think the Churches would grow organically if we all had this as the basis of our life.

  1. Wherever and whoever we are with speak the gospel. Share good news stories of Jesus. Be an attractive person. Create an atmosphere of the presence of God by talking of Jesus and what He has done for you.
  2. Do the same to those who are Christians. Encourage growth. Disciple people to follow Jesus even more. Preach the good news.

That’s it. That’s our calling as the Church. Evangelism and Discipleship for every member wherever we are, daily, in our ordinariness of life. To be good news people.

No doubt this wouldn’t satisfy everyone. The miserable may still try and put pressure on you to be something you were never meant to be. Shake them off. Do the important stuff. Be bound to the good. That’s your calling.

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