Love sincerely: share and do.

I was on the border of India and Nepal and I had just checked into my hotel at 5 dollars per night. It was a bargain I thought until I opened my bedroom door to find 2 monkeys sat on my bed. I went down to the reception and after asking if I had paid extra for the monkeys demanded they be removed. They had entered through an open window. It was then I did think about moving hotels.

“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practise hospitality.” Romans 12:13

We were in Burkina Faso and had stayed the night in a Pastors home, 3 men all so tired (that was my excuse) and we laid down to sleep in the same room on straw mats. It wasn’t ideal but we were glad for somewhere to stay and we were soon in dreamy land. In the morning we were woken by the children laughing as 3 white men were laid on their floor snoring louder than the cockerels outside. The children had never seen white men and they had never heard such a noise!

The stories could continue! I am sure you have many stories too of staying in strange and yet wonderful places. Thankful for the hospitality offered to you.

At a time and in a culture when hospitality gave the opportunity for refreshing the dusty feet, receiving scented oil, food, shelter and friendship, Paul gives further instruction springing from love needing to be sincere. Share and do hospitality.

I have another place which has become a refuge type place; a haven; a couple who we have known for many years; I have a room there. It’s not my room obviously but they call it ‘Paul’s room’. When I go in the towels are on the bed and there are chocolates on the pillow, a news magazine on the desk, next to the kettle are my favourite one-cup coffee filters; toiletries are in the en-suite. Now, do I need all those things? I don’t think so. But maybe this couple think I have other needs which their hospitality is actually meeting and they would be right, it is. One thing I know is their love for me is indeed sincere!

The world is better for homes such as In Burkina or my haven home; but not so better for having hotels with the monkeys perhaps!

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