Never take the credit for what God actually did.

Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) boasted that he did more than Jesus to keep a church together.
“God is in the still small voice. In all these affidavits, indictments, it is all of the devil–all corruption. Come on! ye prosecutors! ye false swearers! All hell, boil over! Ye burning mountains, roll down your lava! for I will come out on the top at last. I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet . . . ” (History of the Church, vol. 6, p. 408-409).

“I’m not the greatest; I’m the double greatest. Not only do I knock ’em out, I pick the round.” Muhammed Ali

Boasting is the outward form of the inner condition of pride.
John Piper

It is always the novice that exaggerates
C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape letters

“Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me in leading the Gentiles to obey God by what I have said and done— by the power of signs and wonders, through the power of the Spirit of God.  (Romans 15 v 17-19)

Christian social media is abound with the miraculous and the supernatural, the brilliance and off the scale moments of “me”. God does get a look in but at best He’s alongside us choosing the incredible me to work through. Me. Miraculously Extraordinary me.

No one is that good!

The Apostle reminds us that all that he has done, his ‘service’, was attributed to the power of the Holy Spirit.

The signs and wonders he has seen are not because of him but the Holy Spirit.

So he doesn’t speak of what he has done but what HE has done. He doesn’t even “venture to speak of him” (ESV)

The hardest challenge is for those who have been successful to not write about their successes; those who have seen God work through their life to write of only God. Not many accomplish it without making you feel they are taking the credit in some kind of humble brag.

I think God has done more than He is given credit for.

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