There are some things people just don’t know

Even in this world of social media where it seems everything and anything is posted, from the meals we eat to the people we see, there are many things that people have not known about your life.

As a Pastor when I visited homes of my members some would ask me where I was going next after them. They liked to know what my day was like; they wanted to track me; they wanted to know.

But there are some things people just don’t know.

They have not seen the flowers you took for someone who was going through a bad time; the card you wrote to encourage the person who had not been well; the text you sent with a Bible verse just to edify; the train journey you took to be with a friend who needed to talk. Today may be one of those days when once again you do something but don’t announce what you are doing to a watching world. You just do it.

Why am I saying all of this? It is because of this verse:

So from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ. (Romans 15 v 19)

Illyricum stretched from what is modern north Albania to Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Paul is not recorded by Luke as visiting it in his missionary journeys. Here in this verse Paul reveals he went there. It is the only place in the Bible it is mentioned.

He was sold out for the cause of the gospel that Paul went to places and saw people that was not recorded in the ‘official’ missionary journeys.

Isn’t that wonderful?! God sees a lot of things! And He will see what you do today whether or not it gets onto social media. The gospel is active all over the world.

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