Honour your Friend- Stachys

Do you have one? It seems according to Facebook we have a mountain of friends (that we don’t know!)

I wonder what life was like as a dear friend of the Apostle Paul?

‘Greet … my dear friend Stachys.” (Romans 16 v 9b)

In every generation friendship has been sought, broken and found again. Times of deep loneliness as friends have walked out the door and times of huge blessing as friends have been made again. If you have a friend, treasure them. 

Stachys was treasured. It’s amazing you make it into the Bible for simply being known as a dear friend. So let’s work on those friendships and let’s also recognise them more. 

The Apostle in mentioning Stachys honours him. He wants others to know he can be relied upon, he is trustworthy, he is genuine. Today how can you honour your friend? How can you open the door for them to know others and be known?

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