Sunday small thought: No one bigger – The revelation of and from Jesus Christ.

Remember when Jesus said that he existed before Abraham and he said it using a title for God, I AM? Here he is again before old man John in this revelation:

“I am the First and the Last.” (Revelation 1 v 17)

Jesus was the first one and the last one standing. What is there to be afraid of when Jesus gets the last word? All that we must hold on to is the supremacy of the great ‘I AM’.

The greatest threat to us is the dethroning of Jesus Christ in our lives. The threat is not the denial of Jesus but the reduction of Jesus. Don’t let it happen

There isn’t anyone before Jesus and there won’t be anyone after Him either.

Christ is supreme; pre-eminence; the first place; the highest place; above anything and everyone. It’s a good Sunday thought! Amen!

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