Be comforted: The Blood speaks!

The pessimists will always be with us. “It’s getting worse!” “These are the last days run to the hills!”

When reading this Revelation do not do so through fearful eyes. Jesus is the First and the Last and He is all the way through controlling everything that happens.

As the 6th trumpet is about to be sounded and we read further destruction coming on the earth (and we haven’t got to the seven bowls yet!) we are comforted by this one verse:

“The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God.” (Revelation 9 v 13)

There are 2 altars. The bronze altar where the sacrifices are offered and the gold altar which stands in front of the veil and where incense is burned which as we have seen is symbolic of the prayers of God’s people. The fire from the bronze altar of sacrifice was taken and placed on the gold altar. The blood from the sacrifice on the bronze altar was sprinkled on the 4 golden horns of the bronze altar.

The blood sacrifice was sprinkled on the prayer altar. The priest with blood on his hands from the lamb smeared the horns of this altar. The horn in the Bible was symbolic of power and strength.

Those refugees who managed to grab hold of the 4 horns were given automatic asylum (1 Kings 1:50-53).

John hears a voice not from the Abyss but from the 4 horns of the golden altar.

In the darkest of moments there is The Voice speaking.

It is the voice of the blood of Jesus.

It is the voice of mercy.

It is the voice of the prayers of God’s people.

It is the voice of refuge to those seeking God.

It is the voice of power.

It is the voice of Jesus.

For those who recognise this voice then we are comforted to know He is here. We don’t expect the worst but we anticipate His plan being fulfilled on this earth.

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