Sounds (read this as it contains some amazing personal news!!!)

There may be sounds that remind you of what went wrong for you. Sounds of what you have lost. Sounds of your failure. Sounds of your missed opportunities. Sounds of your own impetuousness. Sounds of your regrets that groan from deep within. The sound of pain which may not have literal sound but rages inside as thoughts of a lost loved one, a failed relationship, the brokenness of a beautiful story churn and break your heart.

I’m tired of the sound from earth with its boasting of what they have achieved or what they are going to be or do next. I’m tired of politics and programmes to strengthen a cause that is for our benefit. I’m tired of the sound of heartache of another famine in Somalia. I’m tired of the sound of the 40,000 migrants so far this year, crossing the English Channel, risking their lives in small boats. I’m tired of the sound of sleepy Christians whilst the dragon is at work.

However 1 hour ago and for the first time, I became a grandfather! A little girl was born into this world with a sound that we will gladly get to know all too well in the coming days! Not all of earth’s sounds are desperate ones! Though on the video call she looked very peaceful indeed!

But I want to tell you there is a sound of heaven which is far more important than any sound of the earth.

“And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps.” (Revelation 14 v 2)

I want to hear the sound of heaven. I want earth to hear heaven’s sound.

I have heard the sound of Niagara Falls where it was pointless to speak because of being drowned out by the intense, powerful rushing water. But it pales into insignificance with the rushing water sound of heaven. Remember in chapter 1, “his voice was like the sound of rushing waters”? We the redeemed begin to sound like Jesus!

Remember the sound from the throne in chapters 4, 8 and 11? Heaven’s drum-kit, this loud peal of thunder but mixed in with melodious harpists playing their harps. This united version of sound is not far from us.

Heaven is not in some far off place. It is however within reach of visibility. It is just next door so not surprising that it is possible to hear the sound.

And what do we hear? An intense and powerful force that cannot be silenced nor conquered and which drowns out the blasphemous sounds from the dragon on the earth. But it is a creative, purposeful and melodious sound as those harps are being heard. There is order, this is not chaos; it is a sound that is understood. There is beauty and authority.

Be careful what you listen to today. Make sure it is the sound from heaven and that may well be from a beautiful girl on her first day on earth!

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