God wins!

No matter how much idolatry, extravagance, evil rises in this world … God wins!

No matter how bad, dark, evil, terrible it gets … God wins!

No matter how much pain, suffering, deaths … God wins!

“Rejoice over her, you heavens! Rejoice, you people of God! Rejoice, apostles and prophets!
For God has judged her with the judgment she imposed on you.” (Revelation 18 v 20)

We are nearly through the tough stuff of evil. We are nearly there! The Great Whore will be gone forever and into a new chapter we will go and we will see that heaven will just not stop celebrating!

The call is for those who have been sent into the world (the apostles) and those who have spoken God’s Word to a godless society (the prophets). They should rejoice because though they were judged and suffered right up and until Babylon fell they are now seeing their God win!

And because God wins … we win!

Whatever you are going through today and whatever you face remember that as a follower of Jesus it comes to an end. When it does, you win!

It is hard when in the middle of suffering to picture celebration. You may not have had a great life, this world may have been harsh to you and your suffering may be great. ‘People of God and the apostles and the prophets’ these 3 categories, the faithful, the sent, the spokespersons, there will come a day when you will rejoice because it will be a day when you see with your own eyes that God wins! I can only imagine that this rejoicing will overwhelm everything that this world has imposed on you and the judgment you received.

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