Here is the last of 142 devotions on Revelation. I feel sad to reach the end and I feel an urge to go back and do this all over again. As I have read this Revelation I have become convinced it is one of the best end-time discipleship tools in the Bible. So let’s read the last verse.

“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.” (Revelation 22 v 21)

How comforting that it ends with a message of grace!

There are times when the revelation reduces us to the sinful human being that we are. When we read of His name which is above all names throughout the prophecy we acknowledge that no matter how successful we become our name cannot be compared to His.

We live in a world starved of true love, oppressed by many Caesars, tempted by Babylon, deceived by the dragon and there are times when we become stained by all of that.


We have seen the blood-soaked lamb and we have heard the word ‘Grace’.

There is hope. There is love. Grace is here.

This is not just an Apocalypse. This is not just a prophecy. This is not just a warning.

This is a personal letter from God. It is a letter of grace.

How do we survive the Revelation? How do we get past the ‘holiness’ lists when we recognise ourselves within them?


Grace is challenged continually across the world by preachers who are concerned about a sinful Church. The fact is the Grace of God is the answer to a sinful Church.

To live by grace means you are not denying or trying to forget the sin in your life, but by allowing grace to expose it you find who you really are. Grace calls you to keep coming back to Jesus. Let Jesus bind up the wounds.

Let grace be with you and with you in the midst of others. Let the community of God’s people be marked by grace words, grace reactions and grace decisions.

Until He comes let grace live!

This is the end of the Revelation. But grace will enable us to live it out.

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