God loves you – 6

Do you ever doubt? I don’t mean do you doubt the existence of God or whether God knows you? But do you doubt your Christian experience as being genuine?

Sometimes I have.

I wonder if I really know Him and if He knows me. But I have found something to help me and it is this verse.

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” (1John 4 v 12)

The love for others demonstrates that He is in my life.

John was countering the Antichrists claims that they had an experience of God but they had no need to love other people.

We can be assured of God’s position in our lives as His love is active within us. It is the proof He is here. Love and as a result His presence is then perfected or made complete when this love is active in our lives.

I know God is in me. I know His love is for me and is being made complete. I know this because of His love in my life.

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