I can’t put it all in a text, even if I could I shouldn’t.

Old man John has known in his life times when God told him to write to churches. He has already written a letter and with this one he has one more to write.

However he has so much to say, within him the burden is too great, the message too important, how many letters would it take to get out of him what’s inside him?! He recognises that letters are not everything.

Here’s what he writes within this second letter …

“ I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink.”
‭‭2 John‬ ‭v12a

I write and read lots of emails and text messages in the course of a day and so do you. Often I wonder if it’s all become too much. I recognise more than most how amazing it is to connect to a global village pictures and posts that are such a blessing.

But there are times when just because you have a lot to say it doesn’t mean you have to send that text/email or sadly, for many people, vent their anger on social media.

Perhaps the message would be clearer if it wasn’t written down but spoken so that people not only see your message but also your heart.

An elderly disciple of Jesus, 2000 years ago understood that principle and here we are in our universal modern technological world needing to hear and heed that same principle.

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