Gaius people – they have souls that are well.

Over the last few years my team have done a lot of work on the well-being of the Pastor. We have ventured into new ground for many of us with terms such as Spiritual Directors and Peer Supervision. It is early days for us but our goal is to create a culture where the soul of the Minister is healthy.

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”  (3 John v 2)

How is your soul?

Gaius was enjoying good health. I’m not asking how you are physically though I hope you are well and if you are not then you will get better soon.

But how is your soul?

Gaius’ life looked good. John wanted more for his friend, “I pray that in all respects you may prosper” (NASB) I’m not asking if God is blessing you though I hope He is.

How is your soul? Is it well? Is it content?

What is going on in your mind? What is coming out of your mouth? What are you doing? These will indicate how your soul is. Answer those 3 questions honestly.

Is your soul well? If you are still unsure then ask a friend tell you what they see. John could see the evidence of a good soul in Gaius. But be ready to hear something that you might not like.

The move in to the power of the Spirit comes from a well soul. Those of us who desire more of the Spirit need to focus more on having souls that are healthy.

2 Replies to “Gaius people – they have souls that are well.”

  1. How was Job’s ‘soul’? I wonder if his friends were the best people to ask for a description of his condition— he certainly received answers he didn’t like! Lament frightens people of, sometimes even closest friends, but it doesn’t frighten God away. He hears the cry of the unwell soul. Be very careful who you ask to give an account for the state of your ‘soul.’ “Man of sorrows“ what a name!


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