Daniel 12 Daniel is now 90 years of age.

Daniel 12

Daniel is now 90 years of age.
As he nears the end of this revelation of God, of the end times, what final truths are revealed?
There will be an increase of trouble, v1 the church will face an increased persecution for their faith. But they will not be lost.
There will be things you will not understand, v8 Daniel cannot grasp what he has seen. Only God knows and maybe that’s the point.
So what does God say?

1. Go your way, v9. Don’t spend time on calculating the end result, live your life, go your way. Even when you do not understand everything, go your way, don’t wait outside a closed door experience.

2. Keep on till the end, v13 the finishing line is drawing near. The time of your life is right now. This is not a rehearsal. Daniel ends his life in exile but it is not how it looks or how it feels but who you are when it ends that is important.

3. You will rise, v2. Not one of us has experienced it for ourselves, but no one doubts it. All of us have been effected by it, some have come close to it, some are very afraid of it, death casts a shadow over our lives. Jesus wants to lift the fear of death, I Am the Resurrection. Death is not the end. You will rise.

He is with you and always will be!

Daniel 11 v24 But only for a time! You m

Daniel 11

v24 But only for a time!

You may wonder when the strain will be over.
The pressure upon you is only for a time.
5 English words translate from 2 Hebrew words, but how very important!
They bring a new theme as we approach the end of this book – a time has been appointed by God for everything.
In fact on 12 occasions in the last 2 chapters, references are used to the timing of God.
God sets the limits and establishes the times when evil will be brought to an end and good will triumph.
As Daniel sees the end times, he sees a God with perfect timing over the affairs of the world.
He is a God who says:
1. Only so far v22-24
Over your life today there is a proclamation from God “Only so far, only so much, only for a time” How amazing is this?!
2. To no avail v27
No value. No advantage. No profit. No effect. No benefit. No weapon forged against you will prevail and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
The enemy will not be able to have his whole way with you because God is in control of the end.
3. I appoint v29
He allowed it, assigned it, chose it, selected it, prescribed it, established it. Do you only have a God who gives you what you want? No, you have a much bigger God than that. He appoints everything and everything will work for His will and power in your life.

God is in charge of time and His timing is perfect!

Daniel 10 The Message translation of v9

Daniel 10

The Message translation of v9 says “Everything is going to be all right.”
Daniel in Babylon should have been in Israel. But he is with a people who have lost their way. Some of them have been released under the new ruler, Cyrus, but most stay as Daniel does. For the majority, life will never be the same again. As they look back, their failures and disappointments outweigh their successes and joys. Daniel has visions of the future that frighten him. It seems that life is going to get worse than better. He has visions that traumatise him of a world at war with itself. He has visions of Christ that break him like a shaking leaf. He has angelic experiences.
Then the words … Everything is going to be all right.
Horatio Spafford (1828-1888) was a wealthy Chicago lawyer, a beautiful home, a wife, four daughters and a son.
At the very height of his financial and professional success, Horatio and his wife Anna suffered the tragic loss of their young son. In 1873, Spafford scheduled a boat trip to Britain. Spafford sent his wife and daughters ahead of him while he remained in Chicago to take care of some unexpected last minute business. Several days later he received notice that his family’s ship had encountered a collision. All four of his daughters drowned; only his wife had survived.

With a heavy heart, Spafford boarded a boat that would take him to his grieving Anna in England. It was on this trip that he penned those now famous words,
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul.

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

These same words can be proclaimed over your life … Everything is going to be all right.

Daniel 9 So what are the seventy sevens?

Daniel 9

So what are the seventy sevens? The seven sevens? the sixty two sevens?
What happens in the middle of the seven?
It actually is all quite simple …
We have 490 years, 49 years, 434 years and 3 and 1/2 years to fit into the history of the world from the commencement of this vision of Daniel.
It actually is all quite simple …
Once you have decided on whether you will use lunar years (354 days) or calendar years (360 days) or solar years (365 and 1/4 years),
It actually is all quite simple …
Once you have decided whether this is related to the abomination of desolation when Antiochus Epiphanes slaughtered a pig on the altar in Jerusalem in 168BC or whether this refers to the last and final antichrist on earth,
It actually is all quite simple …
Once you have decided whether you are a dispensational pre-millennialist, a classical premillennialism or a-millennialist,
It actually is all quite simple …
Once you have decided that the years are definitely chronological or symbolical,
It actually is all quite simple …
The whole Bible is about Jesus coming, His death, resurrection and ascension, the power of the church and the return of Jesus before the final end of the world as we know it.
Look at verse 24…
Jesus has come to finish transgression … It is finished he cried.
Jesus has come to put an end to sin … He came to die for them.
Jesus came to atone for wickedness … With His blood.
Jesus came to bring everlasting righteousness … We are now righteous in God.
Jesus came to seal up vision and prophecy … He is God’s first and last Word.
Jesus came to anoint the most holy … He is the most holy presence of God.
It is all about Jesus.
It is all quite simple.
He has come and He is coming again!

Daniel 8 Greatness and power are importa

Daniel 8

Greatness and power are important words in this chapter, they are repeated often.
v4 the ram becomes great, no one could stand against him and his power.
v8 the goat becomes very great.
v9 the little horn grew in power and set itself up as great, it prospered in everything, v12.
Satan will always move against God’s people with greatness and power.
Whether through the empires of the Medes and Persians of Daniels era or the spirit of antichrist found in Antiochus Epiphanes who gave himself the title “Theos Antiochus” meaning “The illustrious God” or the many ‘Hitlers’ of the modern world, all have attacked and still attack the church.
However, what we know today from this chapter is that the spirit of the antichrist will be destroyed, v25.
Whatever generation God’s people find themselves in, whatever empire they live under, they can speak boldly and loudly to the darkness and confusion of the circumstances.
We may not know everything, but we do know something, God always destroys the antichrist.
Even if what we face is great and has power, we are servants of God who is the Prince of Princes!
Join together along with Daniel and declare today:


Daniel 7 Daniel is disturbed and depress

Daniel 7

Daniel is disturbed and depressed. What he saw and heard and wrote about shocked him to the core.
We too are at times taken into a visual image through media stories or personal experiences which leave us speechless.
However, in the middle and central to his vision is one of the most beautiful, powerful images of God in the Bible … He is the Ancient of Days!

v1 this is before chapter 5 where there is a change of government, of style, outlook, the future of Babylon is changing. Daniel was living in an environment of expectation and apprehension.
In times of change, the Ancient of Days is on the throne.

v2 at these times the sea was a powerful symbol of evil and chaos.
In times of chaos, the Ancient of Days is on the throne.

v4-7 these beasts are perversions of what God intended. The beasts are corrupted, they are hybrid beasts. There are many who love under corrupt leadership regimes.
In times of corruption, the Ancient of Days is on the throne.

v8,11 throughout all history evil kings/dictators have stood on podiums of arrogance boasting of their abilities.
In times of conceit, the Ancient of Days is on the throne.

v13,22 this is a vision not a time-line. Jesus would speak of his second coming by referring to this chapter in Mark 14:62.
In times of Christ’s appearing, the Ancient of Days is on the throne.

Whatever season you go through, no matter how bleak, there is always One who is on the throne, the Ancient of Days is on the throne.

Daniel 6 Have you been judged, condemned

Daniel 6

Have you been judged, condemned and sentenced?
Has a stone been rolled over you sealing your fate?
Does your situation now look like it cannot be changed?
Never worry about the set of circumstances you find yourself in.
It’s behind the stone that counts.
Behind the stone is God who saves.
Behind the stone is God who sends the angel.
Behind the stone is God who shuts down the power of the enemy.

You may have been thrown down (v16) but you will be lifted up (v23).
God is always behind the stone. He specialises in coming out of those dark places. Trust Him.

Daniel 5 King Belshazzar makes a sudden

Daniel 5

King Belshazzar makes a sudden appearance without any warning.
The enemy springing onto the scene.
However, the hand of God suddenly appears also.
The Bible is full of outpourings, revelations, salvations, Godly interventions, freedoms, broken chains, all happening suddenly.
I don’t have to fear the enemies suddenly’s, the writing is on the wall for my enemy.
Numbered, weighed and divided.
Mene = God has numbered the days of your enemy’s reign, it will soon be over.
Tekel = God has decided on the outcome. He has weighed it all up.
Parsin = God will bring judgment to your enemy.
And how do we move from a belittled place of being “one of the exiles” v13 to that of power, value and status, v29?
The answer is the Spirit, v10-12.
The Spirit who can surprisingly make one chapter of our life end so differently to how it began.
Suddenly …

Daniel 4 I have built … My mighty powe

Daniel 4

I have built …
My mighty power …
My majesty…

I and My.

It’s all about me. (v30)

But my voice is lower than the heavenly voice. It always will be. (v31)

That was the testimony of Nebuchadnezzar.
If only we had more stories like that. Even in the Church!

Daniel 3 I have a few questions today: 1

Daniel 3

I have a few questions today:

1. Will the performances of man outshine God’s performance? v1
2. Will God’s image (ourselves) bow to man’s image? v1-11
3. Will God be displaced from the throne of your life? v12
4. Is there anything impossible for God? v15
5. Do we always have to defend and explain ourselves? v16
6. Should we be afraid of death? v18
7. Is anger against God foolishness? v19
8. Is God still with us even when it goes wrong? v25

God will not be defeated. He always wins.
Which question do you want to answer today?