Psalm 149 Day. 149: Be blessed Where are

Psalm 149
Day. 149: Be blessed

Where are you today?
In v5 the Psalmist calls for the faithful to sing for joy on their beds.
Where are you laying today?
Are you on a bed of suffering today? Are you in the failed place, the disappointed place? The message translates the verse as: “Let true lovers break out in praise, sing out from wherever they’re sitting”.
Maybe there is no lover for you? Or perhaps you are sitting in a God-defying country where trouble and persecution are all around you, where kings and leaders really do need permanently dealing with by God.
Where are you today?
If in the hard place don’t let your mouth be that of complaint, of slander and accusation, of bitter words, criticism and judgment. Fill your mouth with praise to God. For here lies the miracle, if we only believed it:-
Praise to God changes your environment.

Psalm 148 Day 148: Be blessed Today take

Psalm 148
Day 148: Be blessed

Today take hold of a different perspective. See through a different filter.
A heavenly, higher one, an angelic one, from that of the constellation, think of creation, think of the people all over the world, think big, wide, high, deep and as you do, praise.
Praise from a different perspective for praising God affects you more than it affects God.
The blessed always praise for all things.

Psalm 147 Day 147: Be blessed Some days

Psalm 147
Day 147: Be blessed

Some days call for big, loud and bold statements of faith.
Days like today perhaps. So here goes:-
God can build me up
He can bring me back from a distant place (v2)
He can heal my broken heart
He can bind up my wounds (v3)
He can understand all my complexities (v5)
He can sustain me (v6)
He can cover me
He can supply my every need
He can make me grow (v8)
He can provide for me (v9)
He can strengthen me
He can bless me (v13)
He can give me peace
He can satisfy me (v14)
He can command me (v15)
God can do all these things for me!

Psalm 146 Day 146: Be blessed Who do you

Psalm 146
Day 146: Be blessed

Who do you turn to?
When you are wronged, emptied of resource, held back, not able to see what to do and when you have fallen, who do you turn to? (v7-8)
Is it some expert? Even those who know it all don’t have all the answers.
Who do you turn to?

Where is your hope?
When you are not where you should be, when you have no mentor and when there is no one to love, where is your hope? (v9)
Is it with man whose own dreams die with them? (v4)
Where is your hope?

The blessed are those whose help and hope comes from the Lord!

Psalm 145 Day 145: Be blessed To all who

Psalm 145
Day 145: Be blessed

To all who call on him …
To Ignatius Kattey, Nigerian Archbishop kidnapped by armed men …
To Shahin, Iranian Christian musician, in Adel-Abad Prison in Shiraz right now …
To the Christian villagers of Maaloula in Syria being terrorised by the rebels who are insisting they convert to Islam or die …
To Ms Doddamma and her daughter in Chikkamalaguru district, India, brutally beaten and their home destroyed …
To the many missionaries facing persecution, ill-health, financial difficulty…
To the many, the silent, the unknowns…
To you …
To all who call on him …
He is Great, Worthy, Mighty, Majestic, Wonderful, Awesome, Abundant, Good, Righteous, Gracious, Compassionate, Slow to Anger, Rich in Love, Glorious, Ruling, Enduring, Faithful, Upholding, Lifting, Giving, Satisfying, Fulfilling, Hearing, Saving, Watching, Destroying…
Describing Him there is no end …
But right now, all over the world, in the forgotten place, in the unspoken place and in the famous place. Here, now, with you and to all who call on Him ….
This hard to describe God …
… is near!

Psalm 144 Day 144: Be blessed Yesterday

Psalm 144
Day 144: Be blessed

Yesterday one journalist wrote of the latest trend to hit social media websites. She focused on a 19 year old who posts up to 20 snaps of herself online a day. It has been given the name ‘selfie’. This self-confessed selfie addict often spends hours posing for up to 60 shots and constantly checks her smartphone to see what others think of the pictures she uploads. In what is so concerning to read the girl says, “I get such a rush when I see people’s comments, hearing what they think and reading their thoughts. If I get a positive reaction I feel great. If I don’t get many likes or I get negative comments on a picture I start feeling really down. I keep taking and uploading more selfies until I get the likes and comments I want.”
Before you say what I’m sure you’re thinking, “the world’s gone mad!”, the fact is so many wake up and spend the whole day wondering what people think of them.
But maybe you are with the blessed? For the blessed are people whose “God” is not man and what man thinks but the “Lord”, v15.
He loves you and protects you, v2
He incredibly cares for you, v3
He comes to you, v5-8
He gives you victory, v10-11
He blesses you, v12-14
Five huge thumbs up from God, He sees every photo shot of you, He likes you, He comments on you. How blessed are the people who have all this!

Psalm 143 Day143: Be blessed Show me the

Psalm 143
Day143: Be blessed

Show me the way I should go.
If you don’t then judgment awaits, v2.
If you don’t then the enemy wins, v3.
If you don’t then the past becomes better than the present, v5.
If you don’t then I feel like its the end for me, v7.
Some days you need to know what might happen if God doesn’t guide you. It is this that gives you the driving motive to:
Put your trust in Him, v8.
Lift up your soul, v8.
To hide in Him, v9
To be teachable, v10.
To be available to serve, v12.

Psalm 142 Day 142: Be blessed This is a

Psalm 142
Day 142: Be blessed

This is a cave not for exploration and adventure. This is not for camping out for the night with friends. This is a cave when there’s nowhere else to run to, when you’ve reached the end of your tether, when you have hit a brick wall. This is that cave.

A place where the prayer becomes very loud and you know no one can hear and if they could they wouldn’t be concerned, v1,4.
A place where there is only God, v2.
A place where tiredness is more within than bodily, v3.

A place where you realise He is all you need, v5.
A place where you can tell Him exactly what you need, v6.
A place where you can look to the future, v7.

So perhaps this is a cave of great treasure. This is a cave of the presence of God. This is a cave where there is only you and Him. This is a cave where hope is reborn. This is a cave of blessing not cursing.
Thank God for the cave!

Psalm 141 Day 141: Be blessed When was t

Psalm 141
Day 141: Be blessed

When was the last time you were criticised?
Perhaps that’s far too soon for comfort.
Maybe today you will go back and work for that person who hurt you through criticism.
Criticism is often seen as negative and something to be avoided. Some people feel like they have spent their whole life being misjudged and brought down by some critical words of the ‘experts’.
Maybe because of this we can easily forget that criticism is very important for improvement. David thinks so in this Psalm, v5.
Here are 5 keys to healthy criticism from that verse.
1. Create a safe place for people to criticise. “Let a righteous man strike me.” Give permission, create the space for this to happen.
2. Welcome the thoughts of a righteous man.
3. Kindness is seeing things from a different perspective and speaking it.
4. All criticism whoever it is from does cause initial hurt.
5. Refusing to take such criticism is like refusing oil on the head, the symbol of blessing.

The blessed are criticised.

Psalm140 Day 140: Be blessed I am in Nor

Day 140: Be blessed

I am in North Korea, rescue me, protect me.
I am in Syria, every day, war.
I am in the Maldives, venomous words come against me.
Pause, think.

I am in Saudi Arabia, surrounded by those who want to bring me down.
I am in Afghanistan, snares, nets and traps are hidden from me.
Pause, think.

I am in Iraq, I need mercy.
I am in Somalia, I need shielding.
I am in Mali, living with the enemies agenda.
Pause, think.

I am in Iran, threats are constant.
I am in Yemen, those who kill need stopping.
I am in Eritrea, slandered and violated.
I am in Sudan, poor and needy.
We are everywhere, we speak in every verse …
Surely the righteous and upright will live? Surely ….
For we are the blessed ones.