Psalm 50

Psalm 50
Day50: Be blessed
I love the story that Tim Keller (a Pastor and author from New York) tells of a talk from his Sunday School teacher that changed his life.
The teacher said, “Let’s assume the distance between the earth and the sun (92 million miles) was reduced to the thickness of this sheet of paper. If that is the case, then the distance between the earth and the nearest star would be a stack of papers 70 feet high. And the diameter of the galaxy would be a stack of papers 310 miles high. The galaxy is just a speck of dust in the universe, yet Jesus holds the universe together by the word of his power. Is this the kind of person you ask into your life to be your assistant?”
That talk changed his whole conception of who God is. Keller changed on that day from being someone who uses God to the man used by Him.
Today let’s get some perspective with the help of that story and that of the psalmist.
Three powerful names of God are the opening lyrics. El. Elohim, Jehovah – The Mighty One, God, the Lord. Here He comes, impressive, royal, self-existent, almighty powerful God speaking across the whole world at the same time.
When we have such a revelation of a great king then our prayer changes from “help me” to “use me.”
He does.
He lives in your life and turns it around, from ashes to beauty. Yes, he has made it beautiful and continues to beautify your life simply by His presence within.
He shines forth. People can see this beauty within you.
He moves. He comes. He appears on the scene. He speaks to His people. He had been silent but now He speaks. A fire goes before Him and storms change the landscape of where He appears.
Jesus came.
Jesus will come. He will be revealed from heaven in blazing fire. (1 Thess 2:7)
He calls the earth together. He gathers His people for judgment. The people like you and me who gave our life to Him in a covenant. Not our covenant, but that of the sacrifice. The sacrifice made when he came. We are saved when He comes because He came.
Our God is awesome!
He’s not your waiter. He’s God, your God, now serve Him today and be blessed!

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