Psalm 51

Psalm 51
Day 51: Be blessed

David was in a whole heap of mess. But God can change the unchangeable. You may have messed up or man may have messed you up. God can bring you back, marry you to your destiny, equip you and send you out once more. He can change your situation. No matter how much you have failed, no matter what shame you feel, miracles can take place in your life.

David knew he was known by God. v1,4,6,9.
He knows it all. That will either convict you or comfort you.
He knows what you have said about that person, he knows how justified you have felt in saying such things.
He knows the pride in your life – a desire to be seen and known, a desire to be vindicated.
He knows your deeds – hot in church, cold outside, your loving Jesus and lusting after the flesh.
David knows that when he was walking on that rooftop desiring Bathsheba God saw him. He knew when David slept with her. He knew when David called for Uriah and tried to get him to sleep with his wife to cover it up. He knew when David hatched a deceitful plot to have Uriah killed. He knows.
He also knows what you may be suffering. He knows what you have gone through. He knows all your unanswered questions, He knows it all. He knows and He still loves you,
v1 ‘unfailing love’ Your love may fail but not his.

David knew he could be renewed by God, v10.
Renew means to make young. To take something that has been broken and build it up again.
Message says God, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life, v10.
Within you there may be gifts, callings that have been broken, pressed down or held back. Your dreams and desires may have been crushed. You may have had great plans for your family members, for you. But now maybe through your disobedience – one act or over a period of time you have grieved the Holy Spirit. Maybe you’ve been harmed and stripped of your power in God. The devil has beaten you up. But are you still there? David was and he asked to be renewed.

Known by God, renewed by God and indeed blessed by God!

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