Psalm 54

Psalm 54
Day 54: Be blessed!

This Psalm was written at a time when David and his men were hiding and the Ziphites attempted to betray them into the hands of Saul.
David escaped into the desert of Maon and it was probably written here. But Saul chased after them and then probably as an answer to this cry God stepped in and Saul was called home.

Surely God is my help.
Today you are being helped by so many things, people and situations. God is not one of those helpers. He is more than these. He is the main help behind all these helpers. He is upholding these helpers for you.
Just think for a moment at the possibilities you, a church, an organisation can have when you truly believe that your life is founded on the God who is your help. With God as your help there is nothing that cannot happen!

You may be in a desert today, but God is your help.
You may have a person trying to bring you down, but God is your help.
Surely God is my help.

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