Psalm 53

Psalm 53
Day 53: Be blessed
This is a song referring to the foolish and the arrogant atheists of this generation.
Apart from a couple of differences it is the exact copy of Psalm 14.
One difference is that it is to be sung according to Mahalath.
Mahalath has many understandings: a name found in the Old Testament; sung with majesty; a meditative poem. It also means to be played with a harp, which is an instrument used for solemn songs. That is why the Amplified Bible interprets Mahalath as “in a mournful strain”. In fact the word is related to the Hebrew for “sick” and may have been a song from a sick person.
Are you sick today? Are you brought low?
The enemies that the sick have to face are:
The voices that say “God is not here”, v1.
The voices that say “do not seek God”, v3.
The voices that say “prayer doesn’t work”, v4.
The voices that say “be afraid”, v5.
Sing the Mahalath.
The Psalmist battles as every sick person does today. Battling to that point of painful trust:
“Oh” – more of an expression of deepest desire than a word, a prayer all of its own.
Let the sick person see the foolish, atheistic and arrogant enemies of their life for who they really are. Let them muster enough strength, longing and passion to cry out for the coming of these 3 gifts: salvation, restoration and joy.

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