Psalm 72 Day 72: Be blessed So we come t

Psalm 72
Day 72: Be blessed
So we come to the end of Book 2 of 5 arranged books of the Psalms. Mirroring the 5 books of Moses where God is speaking His word to His people the Psalms are the responses to Him, our word to Him. This is shown by verse 20 “this concludes the prayers of David.”
However because it is clearly a Psalm of Solomon it would seem he had heard this prayer of his father and after David’s death penned the Psalm himself.
Solomon was now king by inheritance. But he knew it was more than that, he was God’s appointed one. So he begins “Endow the King …”
Solomon knew the mortality of man as he saw his father die. But he knew the truth of immortality. So he continues “May his name endure for ever …”
Let this be our prayer, our song today.
“Endow me Lord, equip me, empower my life with all I need to live today for you. I will spend my life on righteousness and justice, I will defend and save and crush. I will refresh, rule and defeat my enemies. I will deliver the needy, have pity and rescue the oppressed. But I need you to give to me all that I need for this life. So furnish me with your ability. Endow me.”
“Endure my life. May I continue to live. If I am slain let me rise. “
We should live for today in the light of tomorrow, one eye on this life and an eye on our next life, now and then.
This is the blessed life.

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