Psalm 73 Day 73: Be blessed The 3rd book

Psalm 73
Day 73: Be blessed

The 3rd book of Psalms begins.
Asaph, a priest and David’s musical director not only wrote the music for a lot of the Psalms but he also penned 12 Psalms himself.
What do we know of him?
He was also director of music to Solomon in the new temple. He had come through a golden age, this was Israel’s best years and Asaph was experiencing them. But then it all went wrong. Solomon rebelled against God and worshipped his wealth and the foreign gods of his many wives.
The people were oppressed by a heavy taxation system imposed upon them. Yet it was the murder of Asaph’s brother, Zechariah, by Solomon’s ‘police force’ because he had opposed the King that was behind this Psalm 73.
It is a familiar story for us, we know disillusionment, we know how people disappoint. We know the man who started out well but to only fail in the end. We know the feeling when we see these people getting away with actions that are unrighteous and never find themselves judged. We know how easy it is to become angry and even envious of those we do not even want to become like. And we know what it is to almost have fallen ourselves. We nearly lost our way because we took our eyes off God and put them on men.
But almost and nearly is not the end.
Asaph recognises he has no one but God, v25
His God is everything for him, v26
He is near to God, v28.
So although we almost did and we nearly did, we didn’t.
And that’s why we are blessed!

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