Psalm 74 Day 74: Be blessed! We are give

Psalm 74
Day 74: Be blessed!

We are given no signs from God; no prophets are left, and none of us knows how long this will be. v9

We can join the camp of those who say there are no miracles and that God does not speak today.
We can join the camp of those who criticise the church and point fingers for having no miracles and no voice of God.
Or we can join with Asaph in this lament.
How long Lord? How long before we see the signs again? How long before we hear you again?
Perhaps the reason why we do not see and do not hear is that when God revealed His presence we did not recognise Him and when God spoke to us we did not hear Him.
Perhaps God is saying the same thing about us, where are the signs of your worship? Where is your voice towards me?
“We leave our places of worship, and no deep and inexpressible wonder sits upon our faces. We can sing these lilting melodies, and when we go out into the streets our faces are one with the faces of those who have left the theatres and the music halls. There is nothing about us to suggest that we have been looking at anything stupendous and overwhelming. … And what is the explanation of the loss? Preeminently our impoverished conception of God”.
John Henry Jowett in “The Ministry of a Transfigured Church.” Christianity Today, Vol. 41, no. 8.

The poorest people in the world today are those who know they belong to a miraculous speaking God but have not experienced this.
If you hear of His move, if you hear of His voice, don’t stay in poverty, run towards His presence.
How long God?
Yes how long my child?

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