Psalm 78 Day 78: Be blessed Asaph begins

Psalm 78
Day 78: Be blessed
Asaph begins his longest Psalm by far with a deep longing for people to hear him, he calls them to listen and to follow his teaching.
Covering the story from Egypt and the Exodus to the present day where David is leading them as a shepherd-leader, there is no doubting Asaph’s passion.

His passion is for the next generation.
I woke this morning to the news that the two 16-year-old Chinese girls who died in the fiery crash at San Francisco International Airport of Asiana flight 214, were planning to attend a three-week academic church camp in Southern California. There are many questions once again. Yet in the difficult world we live in let our passion match that of Asaph’s.
That they may know, trust and not turn away from God no matter how difficult it gets.
That through an honest appraisal of the past they learn from the sins of the previous generation.

His passion is for the fathers.
In the UK 1 in 3 children now live without a father– that’s nearly 4 million fatherless children. Of course in some cases the children are safer and it is the best thing for them not to be with their cruel, abusive father. However you read this, there is an absence of fathers. Then there are fathers present who are absent from their responsibilities. We need the passion that Asaph had.
That fathers pass on their experience and knowledge of God.
That fathers testify of His power causing their children to believe that God can do all things.

His passion is for David.
David came from the sheep pen to the royal court leading the whole nation. But his rise is not as important as how he leads. Many start well but don’t continue. We need to have passion like that of Asaph to see our leaders:
Lead with integrity
Lead with ability and skill.

With these 3 passions being fulfilled the world will be blessed.

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