Psalm 81 Day 81: Be blessed Time and aga

Psalm 81
Day 81: Be blessed
Time and again we have found that the introduction has helped us to understand the Psalm. Today this Psalm is to be played according to Gittith. This is either a musical instrument from or the type of music coming from Gath, one of the 5 major cities of the Philistines.
Gath is the city that Goliath and his brothers came from. Gath is also the city where David hid when escaping from Saul’s chase; a place where Israel’s enemy once lived and a place where Israel’s leader had to flee terrible persecution. Not surprisingly then the meaning of Gath is winepress.
Often we find ourselves in a winepress, a place of strain and Asaph has written this with what can be described as strained music for that reason.
Strain and crisis is not the end of opportunity but the start of it. The future is in the balance and life can go either way.
Asaph wants to communicate God’s message that in the winepress of crisis we are often the ones that plot out our futures.
If we would but listen to me.
If you do not follow other gods.
If you open your mouth towards me.
If you would follow my ways.
You can follow your own devices but one word, a simple yet powerful word comes through every crisis.
Those who choose wisely are blessed.

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