Psalm 82 Day 82: Be blessed I always get

Psalm 82
Day 82: Be blessed
I always get excited when I come across a section in the Old Testament that Jesus quotes. To be reading what Jesus spoke of is an honour all in itself.
At a time when Jesus clearly states that He was one with God the Father having the ability to grant eternal life, doing what only the Almighty could do and as a result claiming to be God Himself (John 10), He quotes v6 of this Psalm, referring to it as the Law.
In the Psalm, Asaph uses the words God and gods. The so-called “gods” are the representatives of God, the spiritual leaders of Israel who in Psalm 82 are not doing the work of God in relation to the poor and needy. They should behave in a God-like manner and are to resemble Him as a son does his father. These judges of Israel are ‘sons’ of God because they reflect their Father. But they fail doing so.
Therefore, Jesus in John 10 faced with the pressure of declaring his identity could easily have said, “I am God”, for that is what He is. But staying true to His incarnation He likens His relationship to His Father in the way God desires for the spiritual leaders in Psalm 82. Jesus never imposed His identity on people. He chose to demonstrate through miracles, parables and His approach to the outcast and downtrodden that he was God. He wanted people to come to that understanding for them. And so …
“I am God but I function in my incarnation as God’s Son doing what you and your previous spiritual leaders failed to do.”
Fantastic isn’t it?!!
Today commit yourself:
To being the one who represents God.
Demonstrate this through your approach to the weak and fatherless, poor and oppressed, needy and those held in the hand of the evil one.
Be incarnate.
In doing so, even in your own imperfect way, you will be revealing Jesus who perfectly represented God because He is God.

In doing this you will be a blessing!

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