Psalm 84 Day 84: Be blessed The Archbish

Psalm 84
Day 84: Be blessed

The Archbishop of Canterbury wrote in a national newspaper a few days ago regarding the expected arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge new-born baby. He writes, “What difference does this baby make to this country? In one sense, none at all. One more member of the population, one of many to be born on that day. In another sense, a huge difference. With plenty of drama and a good excuse to party, we discover a future of hope, a promise of stability, the challenge of love and – above all – another miracle from God. Just as with every baby.”
A future of hope.
That is what every parent thinks waiting for their baby to arrive.
When my first child was born we received a congratulations card from a family friend (one of those who were referred to as auntie). In the card she had written a message. But this was not a message of hope but of gloom. She warned the child that the world was not a good place and it was going to get a whole lot worse. That it would be a difficult life etc. Not one hopeful word. It’s a good job our child couldn’t read the card for himself!
Today there is hope for you.
Even if you are in a valley.
There is a reason why God has set you in the place of discomfort and it is to rise. Consider Israel in Egypt. The more the enemy caused them to suffer the more they grew. Sometimes the worst times in our lives do more to develop us than any great moment.
The enemy of our lives want to lull us into the place of acceptance whereby we consider ourselves unable to alter the circumstances that limit us. But those who are blessed know differently.
The valley is a place of possibility not limitation.
The Valley of Baca (or weeping) became a place of springs.
These are perhaps difficult days for you.
Today this Psalm tells us to:
Put our strength in Him
Set our hearts for the journey of moving forward.
Keep going knowing we will pass through the season of tears.
Make the most of every opportunity and the difficult place will become a refreshing place. Good will come from bad.
This is the blessed life.

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