Psalm 88 Day 88: Be blessed His name mea

Psalm 88
Day 88: Be blessed

His name means Faithful. He was one of the chosen singers in David’s temple. He was known for his wisdom. Yet reminiscent of Job he often found himself in a dark and lonely place because of something he was suffering from, v8, v18. However, this was something he carried from when he was a young person, v15.
Heman has to be desired. For a man to suffer and serve God is surely to be admired: he is a suffering servant. Little did he realise that his words would be read and recited by the true Suffering Servant, Jesus Christ. Our Lord quoted from the Psalms many times. He clearly used them in prayer for himself just like every Jew did. Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed that the Psalms were actually the prayers of Christ.
Whatever it was Heman had to put up with, for him to be chosen as a Temple singer and known for his wisdom means he did not let suffering either label him or finish him. How did he do this? The answer is simply this Psalm, he prayed.
We must train ourselves to pray the way Heman prayed. I believe he leaves us some keys to prayer.
1. The focus of prayer:
He prayed to God, v1, v2. Faith rises when we know who we pray to.
He prayed with an expectation that God would be his salvation, v1.
2. The style of prayer:
He prayed unceasingly, v1.
He prayed with no formality. The word cry is acquainted with that of a child, they are not concerned with fancy words, v1.
3. The excuses of prayer:
He prayed when his trouble was at its worst, v3.
He prayed when he was giving up, v4.
He prayed when he had no strength left, v4.
He prayed when he felt forgotten, v5.
He prayed when he believed God was angry with him, v7, v16.
He prayed when it seemed pointless for God did not reply, v14.
4. The position of prayer:
He prayed with tears, v9.
He prayed with hands lifted upwards, v9.

The Faithful One calls us to pray today, and so does Heman.
We will be blessed if we do.

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