Psalm 87 Day 87: Be blessed. All my foun

Psalm 87
Day 87: Be blessed.
All my fountains are in you.
Oh that every Christian would say that today.
But the reason more do not is because this is not nice Christianity.
Despite following the One who gave all, they still have the source of life as their material possessions, the need to be popular and the importance of ease.
They have been duped by the temptation of performance, they are energised by how good they have become in the eyes of men, God and themselves.
They have given up. “Enough is enough” is the cry of their heart. They have forgotten their past cry of “all is all”.
But we today sing this lyric, this verse 7. We mean every word.
All my fountains: The places of drinking water, of refreshment, for washing and for the celebrating of what the builders have created. They are decorative places to honour individuals and events.
One of the cities I love the most is Rome. The reason is the combination of modern and old all within a very small geographical size. I will never forget the time I walked from a modern shopping building with much needed air-conditioning, turned the corner, only to be absolutely knocked sideways by the beauty of this ancient fountain standing before me!
Jesus is greater than all the fountains of Rome.
He is everything.
Blessing comes when you know this.

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