Psalm 119 Day 119: Be blessed The longes

Psalm 119
Day 119: Be blessed

The longest chapter in the Bible focuses almost entirely on living a life focused on God’s law.
It is divided into 22 sections, one section for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each of the verses of that section begins with that letter in the Hebrew.
The meaning of each letter of the alphabet points us to God.
Aleph meaning first: “Jesus is the Aleph” (Rev 22:13). Jesus is the first.
Beth meaning house/creation. It is the first letter of the first word in the Bible: “In the beginning”. Jesus is the creator.
Gimmel meaning the creator’s mercy. Jesus is mercy.
Daleth meaning the hope of our dreams. Jesus is hope.
He meaning breath, symbolising the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit of Christ is in our lives.
Waw meaning humanity and the redemption of it. Jesus is our redeemer.
Zayin meaning spiritual struggle. Jesus has struggled for us.
Heth meaning sin and the sign of divine grace. Jesus is grace.
Teth meaning the goodness of God. Jesus is goodness.
Yodh meaning hand. Jesus’ hands are reaching out to you.
Kaph meaning crowning accomplishment. Jesus is king.
Lamedh meaning a sign of wisdom. Jesus is wisdom.
Mem meaning the symbol of the revealed. Jesus is the revelation of God.
Nun meaning everlasting faithfulness. Jesus is faithful.
Samekh meaning divine support and protection. Jesus is trustworthy.
Ayin meaning the symbol of insight. Jesus knows.
Pe meaning speaking praise. Jesus, be praised.
Tsadhe meaning righteousness in God. Jesus is our righteousness.
Qoph meaning the sign for holiness. Jesus is holy.
Resh meaning the challenge of the choice we make. Jesus in all we do.
Sin and Shin meaning the symbol of peace. Jesus is peace.
Taw meaning the vehicle of sacrifice. Jesus paid the price.
Now read each section incorporating who Jesus is into each section and watch your confidence rise in the belief that with Jesus all things are possible, even the keeping of God’s law.
Do this and be blessed!

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