Psalm 120 Day 120: Be blessed I recently

Psalm 120
Day 120: Be blessed

I recently heard a story of a man who brought in a violin to his local pawn shop for a valuation. According to the man’s story, he had recently purchased a piece of property that included a house and a barn. Shortly after his purchase, while inspecting the barn, he opened an old chest and discovered the violin safely tucked inside. As he dusted off the near-perfect instrument, he found the word “Stradivarius” clearly inscribed on the violin. The man was hoping the “Stradivarius” was worth thousands of pounds.
However, after the pawn store owners examined the violin and then by an independent expert, they told the man it wasn’t a genuine Stradivarius. Instead, it was a cheap imitation produced in the early part of the 1900s, worth around five or six hundred pounds. The appraiser concluded by telling the disappointed violin owner, “Just because something has a label doesn’t mean it’s real.”

I think we all know what it is to have been taken in by something. We know the effects of being lied to.
We need a Saviour from lying lips. We need Jesus.
The packaging of a lie is truth.
A lie is a false guide. It calls for decisions that would not have been made otherwise.
Being afraid of the truth births the lie.
A lie prevents justice in the present.
A lie paints a picture which is not only false but reveals the painter is insecure.
Lying is addictive. A person wants to lie again when they begin to lie.
Lying can be taught and caught. It is a sin that is passed down to the next generation.
It is difficult to know if you are being lied to until it is too late.

All of these things are why we need to pray, “Save me from liars”. Right now, you maybe oblivious to the lies that are being sown around you, but Jesus knows. He can and will save you from the effects of those lies. So put your trust in Him and stay blessed.

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