Isaiah 36 Dear child On what are you bas

Isaiah 36

Dear child

On what are you basing your confidence upon?
You have looked to ‘Egypt’ to man, but man will disappoint you.
You may as well give up for man is broken incapable of being relied upon.
What despair and discouragement your sin brings you.
Is it truly God you put your trust in? Really?
There was a time when you would worship Him wherever you were but now all there is in your life are church services. (Note: Hezekiah removed the high places that our spiritual fathers had in place of the sacrificial altar in Jerusalem, moving individualistic to the corporate, this was the right thing to do but easy to oppose).
You may as well give up, are you not tired of all this?
I hate fighting otherwise I would fight you, I like talking though, so listen to me.
There’s nothing I cannot give you, but you need to first give up.
You see, your God is my god, He is with me, believe me. (Note: the ultimate deception)
And God says “Give up before it’s too late!”
I am not only speaking to you but to everyone that is connected to you.
For their sake change course, change allegiance, choose me.
It is only going to get worse.
In fact I am speaking to them now so that they will agree when you make peace with me.
Make peace with me and I will make you and all your contacts rich.
The truth is though you have your God, He is just one of many.
Look at all the people in the world with the many gods that they have.
You are the same as them.
Are you listening to me?
Why are you silent?
What must I think of your stillness?
Can you not even argue against me?
I am waiting …

Yours deceitfully

Your enemy

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