Isaiah 37 Dear Lord Your heard our enemy

Isaiah 37

Dear Lord

Your heard our enemy yesterday.
I am at the brink. I am facing reality.
But my despair will not take me from you but draw me to you.
Today I seek you for a word, I need the prophetic voice of your Spirit.
Before I call you answer me and I hear you now telling me not to be afraid.
The enemy that opposes me by trying to deceive me is your enemy.
The enemy has plans for my life but you have plans for his.
I receive your word.
So I cast all my care upon you.
Here it all is on this piece of paper, I lay it before you. Here are the charges against me.
My eyes are on You Lord of all.
There is one God and it is You.
You created all things and by You they are created.
All I can do and the best I can do is pray.
You speak not only to me but you also declare over the enemy of my life:
“Whom do you come against? Not my child. It is Me, the Holy One!”
“You are only a pawn in my hand!”
“I will defend what you oppose for My own sake!”
Thank you my Lord.
I deserve judgment but because of Jesus I receive your blessing.
In the end I will remain, the enemy will not.
Thank you God

Your grateful child

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