The Christmas Dream Isaiah 45 “He did no

The Christmas Dream

Isaiah 45

“He did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited,” v18
In 1969, when observing the Earth from the moon, Apollo astronaut James Irwin said, “When you lean far back and look up, you can see the earth like a beautiful, fragile Christmas tree ornament hanging in the blackness of space”.
This Christmas tree ornament was God’s dream. His dream shows us 10 important aspects if we too are going to pursue our dreams:
1. To dream is to do.
At some point we need to stop thinking of the dream and start acting on it.
2. He created the space for His dream
The environment for the dream to sit in is everything.
3. It may have looked empty, but it wasn’t, it was expectant.
Don’t knock what you’ve got.
4. He was content to wait for the right time for His dream to begin to take shape
This dream wasn’t created in a day. It is okay to take time.
5. His dream was formed from what He had created
The last move is crucial for today’s move, don’t ignore the past, use it for today.
6. His dream carried the ability to reproduce itself
Think momentum for it will take the dream further than you dreamt.
7. His dream contained huge risk for it carried the capacity to self-destruct.
Is your dream risky enough?
8. His dream would need constant attention and a thought-through rescue plan.
Thank God for the rescue of Christmas!
9. His dream had a limited shelf-life.
Knowing the end is as important as the beginning.
10. His dream is so huge that it is not restricted or damaged by man’s goals.
Never settle. Never arrive. The world is not yet reached. The dream continues.
Just one of these 10 aspects will keep you on track in the fulfilling of the dream God has given you.

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