Ezekiel 23 What I said was shocking! But

Ezekiel 23

What I said was shocking! But then what God’s people did was shocking.
To turn their backs on Him was unbelievable.
I didn’t know how to word it, but His words came to me.
“Call the North ‘Oholah’ for it means ‘tent’ and it reveals that the tent of God is the people.”
“Call the South ‘Oholibah’ for it means ‘my tent is in her’ and it reveals that God desires only one place and that is at the centre of His people.”
So I did. That’s what I called them.
I announced judgment was coming from God through the very nations that his people had turned to.
When they turned away and walked in the way of other nations they did it because of choice. They became impressed with the power of man, hence my imagery of large genitalia, a sign of power in our culture. But they soon realised they had been deceived. The nations they chased after were not faithful like their God.
The lengths God will go to in order that people may know Him as Lord have no limit.
Do you know Him as Lord?
Don’t turn from Him.
Don’t set a wrong example.
Don’t face the consequences because there will be some.
Yes, it’s shocking.

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