Ezekiel 28 So who was the King of Tyre t

Ezekiel 28

So who was the King of Tyre that he would be finished and found no more? (26:21)

It is apparently someone who is leading the Phoenician merchant city of Tyre. But because chapter 27 calls for a lament which carries the meaning that this is prophetic poetry.
The understanding of the merchant is someone who wanders and bargains and misrepresents and deceives.

So who is he?
It is someone who thinks and operates as if they have the same authority as God, v2.
It is someone who is supernatural not man, v14.
It is someone who has been at the beginning of perfection and who was perfect until they created sin, v13.15.
It is someone who has the death sentence on them, they are already destroyed, there is no grace for them, v16.

So in understanding the judgment of God I realise not to look at people who have done wrong and deserve it. But I understand that the great merchant trader, the liar and the father of lies, satan himself who mercilessly attacks our lives has and will be truly defeated.

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