Ezekiel 29 It was day 12 of month 10 in

Ezekiel 29

It was day 12 of month 10 in year 10. He spoke to me again. (v1)
Then it was day 1 of month 1 in year 27 when His word came to me again. (v17)
These are not just dates. This is God speaking at important points in my life, in the life of this nation.
A year and 2 days after our city began to be attacked, in January 587 BC, something significant happened. ”Pharaoh’s army had marched out of Egypt, and when the Babylonians who were besieging Jerusalem heard the report about them, they withdrew from Jerusalem.” (Jeremiah 37:5) This could have been a moment to rejoice to think Pharaoh was our friend but what does God ask of me? “Set your face against Pharaoh … and prophesy against him …” v2.
Then in year 27 God showed me how Nebuchadnezzar was carrying out God’s will by defeating Egypt. Israel’s enemy was defeating Israel’s enemy but was under the control of Israel’s God!
So I record these dates, for we should never forget when God speaks to us especially when He is telling us to be cautious when interpreting the circumstances and to know everything that happens God is still in control.

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