Joel 1 Locusts don’t have a king to get

Joel 1

Locusts don’t have a king to get them organised. They don’t have a government to call them into battle. By instinct the locust knows it has to be in community with other locusts. When that occurs, they are able to destroy whatever stands in there way.

The Bible often speaks of the locusts ability to destroy and of course John sees them in the final apocalypse, in Revelation 9. John says behind these terrifying locusts is Satan.
God allows Satan to unleash the locusts. Of course these are not insects at the end time and neither were they in Joel’s prophecy. They are demon-controlled, led people who hate other people not of their belief system, especially Christians.
They may mask it by just looking like a small insect. They may appear as a religion of peace and yet however when the day of coming together arrives they can leave a trail of destruction. Shattered lives, terrorised communities, villages, towns devastated in a few hell-filled moments of sheer hatred. Christians are experiencing this right now as I type these words.
Today a family of Elim missionaries face some difficulty because of bombs and attacks that are becoming ever nearer to the area of the city they live, targeting areas where Christians are living.
God loves the whole world, no matter what their religion or creed.
He loves those who hate. He loves the terrorist who believe others should not have the right to exist.
And we too should do all we can to reach the locust with the love of Christ. For their sake not ours.
The locust-men only have a limited time to do their torment. They will never destroy the Church.
But the Son of Man is coming soon and the question He asks is this: can I find faith here? (Luke 18:8).
Will those non-believers begin to trust me as they are facing such evil?
Will the Christians remain strong in adversity?
Will he find the Joel’s here on earth saying (v19):
To you, O Lord, I call …

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