Joel 2 “On all people”. In an Elim mag

Joel 2

“On all people”.

In an Elim magazine ‘Elim Evangel’ in 1929 and referring to the commencement of Elim Missions 10 years after our first missionary went to India the vision is clearly stated:
“All Friends of Elim will be interested to know that the foreign missionary interest which has been kept in view from the beginning of our work has now been consolidated in the definite formation of an Elim Alliance Foreign Missionary Council to organise and foster our proclamation of Joel 2 v28, the promise of Pentecost to ‘all flesh’, as logically including the far horizons of missionary vision, and to ensure that the activities of beloved Elim brethren and sisters who have gone or are about to go to various foreign fields should be established in the strength which better organisation can give.”

Since then, men and women, many with their children have continued to be sent by their churches to many parts of the world as long-term missionaries. We have 84 of these people. Every year many more leave the UK for a short term missions posting working alongside these missionaries and our indigenous leaders.
Take a map, point in any direction and Elim will not be too far away. It is staggering how the Holy Spirit is moving upon ‘all people’.
All over the world the Spirit is moving. Whether I am with one of our churches under a tree in Africa or or in a rented Catholic building in Europe as I was a few days ago, the presence of God is here, speaking, reaching and healing lives. Pentecost is here. The best news of all is wherever I go I am also hearing the Church say to me, “We want to go on Mission. We want to go into new areas, help in anyway we can, please use us.”
No one is sitting, it seems where the Spirit is, everyone is moving!

As I read a report from 1929 I begin to get excited for what is possible. In what sounds like an Indiana Jones story …. Elim Evangel July 1929:
“It is well that we should appreciate the difficulties of missionary effort, as it enables us to pray more intelligently. This is from the Rev Harold H Cook, missionary in Brazil. The Xingu Indians live in a region little explored, about two thousand miles from the coast of Brazil. In order to reach them from the port of Rio de Janeiro, a journey of nearly two months is involved. Approximately six days by rail, Seven or more days by steam-boat, twenty by mule, twelve by canoe, with five or more days to build canoes, and more days (or perhaps weeks) waiting for connections. The journey is over mountains, plains, rivers, and across stretches of country that few, if any, white men have ever trodden. At times rivers must be forded, bridges built, paths made”.
My goodness, I wish I could meet this Harold today! Does he have any relatives who are walking in this pioneering spirit?
I am inspired, moved, encouraged that the words of Joel are still for today. It’s on all people friends. You, your Jerusalem, your Judea, your Samaria and to the ends of the world.
Come on let’s go!

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