Matthew 4 v18-22 God chooses ordinary pe

Matthew 4

v18-22 God chooses ordinary people.

If we look at these disciples they were just ordinary guys, doing ordinary jobs, but at this moment in time they were being chosen for an extraordinary task.

These men were young, probably not particularly intelligent, may have been good looking but may have not, but whatever their characteristics funny or not, sporty or not, it didn’t matter, Jesus chose them.

And it’s the same for us today. God wants you. He wants to be a part of your life, He wants you to go and do extraordinary things for Him, it doesn’t matter what talents we have, or gifts we possess, how beautiful we are. He thinks you are amazing and full of potential. He values you and your life more than you’ll ever realise. He’s desperate to know you. God, wants you as a close friend. He’s actually chosen you, how mind blowing is that?! God, the God of the entire universe loves you and is interested in you. You don’t have to be anybody else, he wants you as you.

God’s not like us; He doesn’t choose people like we do on their merit.

So the invitation goes out. Follow me. Jesus had made his choice. However they had to respond. It was their call.

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