Matthew 5 This is not a list that you an

Matthew 5

This is not a list that you and I need to strive to become. Though that is how they have been used.

These are rules of the kingdom but not rules to keep.

These are the qualifications for entrance to God’s kingdom but not qualifications to pass.

If these are rules to the kingdom then we don’t make the kingdom.

If you cannot take any more (poor in sprit); if your heart is broken (those who mourn); if you are not pushing yourself forward all the time (the meek); if those who have harmed you have not got justice or if you long to be free yourself (hunger and thirst for righteousness); if you refuse to walk over people to get to where you want to be (merciful); if you focus less on outward appearances for the praise of men (pure in heart); if you are trying to stop the fighting (peacemakers); if you are losing for refusing to give up (persecuted); if you are any one of these people today then Jesus says to you:

You are welcome. Come on into my Kingdom. I have come for you. I am here for you.

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