Matthew 9 v2-8 This is the first occasio

Matthew 9

v2-8 This is the first occasion we read about when Jesus forgives somebody of their sins which was his greatest mission on earth. There were other healers around at the time but only Jesus who was offering the forgiveness of sins.

Jesus was saying:

Right now, in the present tense, you are being forgiven.
Without the confession of sin, you are still forgiven. I can do what I choose to do.
It is your forgiveness that identifies my equality with God, for only God can forgive.
Your forgiveness is more difficult than your healing because it requires God.
I now heal because others want proof of my authority to forgive. I am forgiving you for you, but I heal you for others.
The Son of Man in Daniel forgave sins, I am who Daniel saw. I claim to have that authority but I act with that authority.

It is this forgiveness that makes Jesus who He said He was and why He is the only way to God.

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