Matthew 10 At the end of the last chapte

Matthew 10

At the end of the last chapter Jesus prays for workers and at the beginning of chapter 10:

(Msg) “The prayer was no sooner prayed than it was answered.” You are the answer.

You have all that you need.

You have a calling, v1

He called Simon – denier; Andrew – “we don’t have enough food”; James and John – worried over prominence and prestige; Thomas – doubter; Judas – betrayer. But the call was still there.

You have a mission field v6.

Message “Go to people right here in the neighbourhood”. We need to begin in the obvious place, the areas of influence that exist now. We don’t necessarily need to travel or go somewhere new. But to our workplace, friendships, home.

You have a message, v7-8.

Wherever we go, in our places of influence we speak a message: “The kingdom of heaven is near or at hand”. It means this: “God’s rule/influence is right here in me.”

You have power v8.

Demonstrate it: make things better; turn things around – the impossible; embrace the unlovely.

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