The Bible and Mission Acts 17: 10-15 In

The Bible and Mission
Acts 17: 10-15
In this reading we find Paul is in a place called Berea with his Bible in hand, preaching from the Bible, proving Christ is the Messiah from the Bible. The Old Testament scriptures played a big part in Paul’s ministry.
And in this backwater of a place called Berea he found people who were more advanced than the Thessalonians in that they were noble or open-minded to the Bible, they received the message of the Bible with great eagerness and they examined the Bible for themselves every day.
The purpose of our life is to be re-shaped into the likeness of Jesus. Every sermon, book, every Bible verse we read , conference we attend , experience we have can be used by God to teach us how to grow in Him.
There is a cartoon of Charlie Brown at the beach building a magnificent sand castle. When he had completed it, he stands back and admires his masterpiece. Suddenly there is a downpour of rain and it flattens his brilliant structure.
The last caption Charlie Brown is looking at the leveled ground and he says, “There must be a lesson here, but I don’t know what it is”.
Let that not happen to us!
Are we open-minded to be taught from the Bible the lessons of life? And will the Bible teach us to be open-minded to the Spirit leading us in our life?
I hope the answers are YES

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