Mission needs relationships Acts 18 We a

Mission needs relationships
Acts 18
We all need to have people in our lives.
As I write this today I am thankful to be staying in a home of a couple who over the years have been the Aquila and Priscilla of my life. They pray for me and cheer me on. They don’t need to do this as they’re not family with those kind of responsibilities but they do it because they believe in me.
We all need friendship-partners in the work, people pursuing the same cause, people wanting us to succeed in God v2-3
One horse can move 2 tons of weight. But two horses in harness, working together, can move 23 tons of weight.
Partners pick up the weight and accept responsibility for it. They may be your marriage partners or simply your friend. Paul would later write of his partners and call them ‘fellow-soldiers’ Romans 16:3
There are three levels of relationships: acquaintances who have contact only occasionally; core friends who you know by name and see regularly; then there are intimate friends who are woven together and deeply involved in our lives.
There are some that are only friends for the sunshine, it takes the clouds of life to blow them away and then you are left with your true friends. Adversity, mistakes and failures will prove your true friend.
Friendships must be worked at and before the crisis occurs.
If you haven’t drawn people into your life then don’t blame them when crisis strikes and they are not there.
If you have an Aquila and Priscilla thank them today! If not, ask God for such people, you need them in mission.

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