Journeys of Life Acts 20: 1-12 To the Je

Journeys of Life
Acts 20: 1-12
To the Jewish mind as they read of Paul’s travels and the journey of the Gospel they would also be thinking of another journey parallel to this. The travel story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt into the Promised Land. To those from a Gentile life they would know all too well of the 2 great travel stories of the ancient world, The Odyssey and the Ilyiad.
Homer wrote a story of Odysseus who returned home from the Trojan war travelling from one place to the next with all of lifes ups and downs. The other, Ilyiad, is a similar war journey of personal battle and struggle.
Here is Paul, the new hero, on a journey. And the story connects with the reader who even 2 centuries later are on a similar journey of life.

Our journey of life involves:
1. Relationships with people
• Where we have been the encouragers, v1,2,12.
The word is paraklesis, which means to appeal through exhortation to comforting and consoling.
• Where we have people accompanying us, v4-5
Paul did not work alone. He is a team player and a builder of teams.
Our experience in our journey is that of all kinds of people accompanying us along the way.

2. Responding to the ups and downs
• We have known what it is to be threatened, v3. For Paul, we are not told the nature of the plot but can rightly assume it is not only to harm him but also to take the money.
• We have faced life’s many accidents, v7
The story of a young man called Eutychus.

3. Focusing on His resurrection.
• The resurrection is everything to us
Eutychus’ resurrection was the church’s reminder that Jesus was indeed the resurrection and the life. This passage is speaking loud and clear from beginning to the end of resurrection.
• Resurrection means we know when its not over, v10
Pauls declaration is a reminder that even though something appears over and finished, only God is the announcer of such things.

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