The missionary Paul gives the proof of a

The missionary Paul gives the proof of a true follower …
Acts 20: 13-27

I’m known by others, v18f
• I’m different
There were many intinerating just like Paul and yet were more interested in making a living rather than the real interests of those they were serving. Paul is making sure that after he has gone he is not lumped in the category of some of these professional ministers and also that the leaders don’t fall into this category either. He is saying I am different. More than that, “You know I’m different”

I know Him, v22-23
• I’m compelled by Him
It is the word used for bring chained or tied up like a prisoner, but here to the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit applying force on to you, to lead you in a certain direction.
• I’m secure in Him
He knows its not going to get easier for him. But He also knows God is in it with him.

I know myself, v24
• I’m not important to me
Jesus refused to let go of the cost and fell to the ground in the garden.
I want to be the man who never runs away at any price? ‘I am willing to trust You. I trust you with my life. I am not sure where it is going and it is mightily uncomfortable right now and I wish I could live a different type of life and I wish you would take this away from me if you were asking me for a choice but I fall on my knees in submission because I surrender to you, whatever you have got for me– it is Your will over my will.

• I know my true aim
His true aim was to fulfil what God had called him to do.
Michaelangelo worked on 44 statues in his life. Thirty were never finished. These unfinished works, the unfulfilled potential of a great genius will never be completed.
There are works of God in your life still to be finished. There is potential that is not being realised.

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