Gospel carriers … Acts 21 Gospel carri

Gospel carriers …
Acts 21
Gospel carriers will get hurt, v1,5,6,13
The gospel is always more important than the emotional ties of people. Too many are more afraid of upset than the gospel. Sometimes you have to say goodbye.

Gospel carriers need patience, v1-3
In these short verses there are 6 places on the journey. Life can appear to be quite mundane but every stop is significant, every conversation is important, you need to be where you are today, be patient.

Gospel carriers will face contradictions, v4, 11-12
There was a mixture of the Spirit and people urging Paul not to travel. What was happening here was that Paul’s friends thought the Spirit was speaking to keep Paul safe. Your loved ones will always speak this way.

Gospel carriers need the next prophetic generation, v10
Paul stayed several days in a prophetic house of young people. We need a new younger generation to remind us that all things are still possible.

Gospel carriers go through suffering, v11-13
There are times when we are not led down wonderful paths but we are trapped, limited and led down a path of suffering.

Gospel carriers surrender, v13
Surrender or safety, this is always the option. Jesus stuck to the task and so did Paul. They surrendered. You will always have people who say don’t surrender, don’t apologise, don’t forgive. Surrender is only where you can go, you cannot take anyone with you.

Gospel carriers simply trust, v14
God’s will is good, pleasing and we know is perfect (Romans 12:1)

Be a Gospel carrier today!

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