Our 3 important commands … Acts 22 GET

Our 3 important commands …
Acts 22
GET UP v16
With this command comes the ability to do just that.
I have seen those in self-pity get up, those who used to have passion for Jesus get up, those who gave away their potential get up, those paralysed by a stronghold in their life get up, those in the grip of sin get up. This seems to be the constant call of the Spirit: GET UP. God is the God of the resurrection.

Though I know this was water baptism and I am a promoter of this discipline, baptism has much more significance for me. It is the plunging into the identity of God. This also is the Spirits call to us. Let people see the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is continually opening the way. GO to others. You may like to read about being sent but it’s not the same as saying YES. Jesus came during a time when Judaism had been consumed and preoccupied with being blessed themselves. Jesus came with a message to a leading Jew, shaking him from complacency, saying GET UP, BE IDENTIFIED and GO.
And this is still the message today.

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