CHRIST the Divine! Colossians 2 He is no

CHRIST the Divine!
Colossians 2
He is not the 2nd most important person of the godhead. That’s how we imagine it though it’s unhelpful, because it is wrong! Father, Son and Spirit are equal in authority.
Why is He the Son then? Not because of inferiority nor that the Father preceded the Son in existence.
In the first century mind to have the son come in place of the father is better than a colleague or an associate of the person.
The New Testament writers are saying God cannot come because He hasn’t got a body. But Jesus has come and he is acting as a son. You see Jesus you see the Father. He is the Son not the way we see sonship but He is Son because He can speak as God for He is, He can act as God for He IS GOD.
In v 9 He is Divine.
*So don’t let man ask you to follow Jesus plus. Jesus plus man’s traditions. Jesus plus man’s desires and requests. Jesus is enough, He is divine, v6-8.
*Just as Christ contains the Godhead, so you contain Christ! You belong to Him, marked with His mark and having had your own resurrection into new life, v9-12.
*And this is why only Jesus can forgive sins, why only Jesus can give you life and why only Jesus has defeated the power that stands against you, v13-15.

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