CHRIST above! Colossians 3 v1-4 What doe

CHRIST above!
Colossians 3
What does it mean to set hearts and minds on things above?
1. It is not to be inactive on earth.
Setting our hearts and minds above means we have to go lower. It is here where our mission is. And so Paul says battle with your humanity on earth in relation to yourself and to that of others, v5-14.
Mission is lowering yourself to earth.
Whenever I am in a country like Africa or india I am watching people. And I am asking myself ‘how does it feel for these people when life is just how it was yesterday?’ Their earth experience is limited and sometimes disabled. But we are called to their earth to serve and to surrender but we do this from a place of a mind and heart fixed on above.

2. Mind means attitude
The DRC was the most moving time for my life. The community we visited were gripped with fear. The rape capital of the world, 48 an hour. It was easy to see how that statistic was possible as the women are taken from their homes and raped many times.
One thing was said to me time and again, “the enemy cannot take my eternity.” Their mind was resolute on Him above!
In lesser struggles of life, for our world, there are many who want a change of circumstances but not a change in their thinking.

3. Heart means attention
In the Pilgrims’ Progress, there is a man with a muck-rake who looks no other way but down as he rakes to himself the straws, the small sticks and the dust of the floor. There stands also one man over his head with a crown in his hand to offer the man that crown. But the man does not look up, but rakes the floor. To this man, heaven is nothing but a fable, and only things here on earth are counted substantial. Are we like the man?
Or is our heart and mind set on Christ above.

2 Replies to “CHRIST above! Colossians 3 v1-4 What doe”

  1. Hi Paul,

    hoping that the reason for the absence of your blog these last few days isn’t serious.

    If you’re poorly or there’s something else that we can pray for, for you, just let us know when you can and we’ll pray!

    It’s an overdue time for us of prayer without ceasing … John 10:10 our scripture for the year and a determination not to see anyone robbed of anything!

    Every blessing at the start of this new year,

    Judi and Terry Mott

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